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Trivium Biography

There is no such thing as a band born to greatness. To succeed in the music world was draining all the energy storm of hard work to plow through. Florida's Trivium has surely had a major contender status that has been granted to them by the international media. Having spent the last few years up to their necks in blood, sweat and tears, the formidable foursome, whose 2005 sophomore year release (and Roadrunner debut) the power to make them a hit with discerning music fans everywhere, they have paid dues. Relentless touring around the world with more than 350 shows in the last two years the band has sharpened life skills, making their new album, The Crusade, one of the most hotly anticipated hard rock albums of 2006. Level of charisma and energy that they've harnessed since hitting the global gig circuit has built Matthew K. Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, Paolo Gregoletto and Travis Smith a huge international fan base that is as loyal as ever evolving.

Formed in Orlando, Florida at the beginning of the 21st century, Trivium soon picked up by a small independent label Lifeforce Records, who released their debut album Ember To Inferno in 2003. One song from the album appeared on the CD compilation magazine, which falls into the lap of Roadrunner Records Senior Vice President of ANR Monte Conner (Slipknot, Sepultura) who immediately heard the potential in the band. "Monte heard the song, give us a call manager," tells the now 20-year Heafy. "Of course, we all know who Monte Conner when we started to panic. Was like fate because every time I turn on the radio or television, there is a Roadrunner band playing. Was like some kind of sign." For the return trip to Monte, the new band recorded a demo and a video shoot for the song Like Light to the Flies "and send it to him." He immediately replied, saying "This is what we were looking for. Lets do this!" It is mind-blowing. '

In March 2005, the band released the influence of a bold and dynamic statement of intent stating the potential of this young man precocious talents and charisma. Album collects a large amount of foaming, ultra-positive reviews throughout the music press around the world, including the NY Times, Stuff Magazine, Revolver, Decibel and Metal Hammer, Rock Sound and Kerrang! in the UK, which states influence 2005 album this year. Trivium soon graced the covers of many magazines and took a handful of coveted awards in the UK, including 'Best International Newcomer' at the 2005 Kerrang! The awards ceremony and several Metal Hammer Golden God statue. Suddenly felt that the sky is the limit! "England just rocked, right off the bat," smiles Heafy. & QuotIt all happened so fast. Our first gig in Wolverhampton, we were the first of the three bands. We went on stage to sing this great Trivium, something we have never experienced before. When we have completed setting up the entire room cleared and people were running out to get our signatures. It was an amazing feeling. The next thing we knew, we were given an offer to play at Download. '

Global famous Download Festival taking place in the shrine at Donington Park - one-time home of the legendary 'Monsters Of Rock' festival. Trivium are eager to make a mark in front of an audience so big ... "We are already booked to play in the third stage, played for maybe two or three thousand people," recalls Heafy. "Then they swapped us to the main stage. We were all really stoked, but I remember that at 10:59 there was no one there at all. 30 seconds after that, 40,000 people had gathered on the hill to the stage. We think ' What the fuck do we do now? "The next thing I know we have played the biggest show of our lives. '

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Ginda and The White Flowers

Ginda & The White Flowers is a band originally formed for the project Tuesday jam session at the Blues in June 2009 organized by the Bandung Blues Society. Gratitude, it turns out the response of the audience and the Bandung Blues Society itself was very warm to the appearance Ginda & The White Flowers and very mensuport that this band still exist.
Starting from the moment proficiency level, eventually Ginda & The White Flowers considered independent. At first appearance in the early days, we tried to entertain the audience with treats songs by blues musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, SRV. And it turns out we realized it would be much better if we were to present the appearance of our own songs with her ​​blended blues & Pop as its root as the giver feel to feel lighter at the listener's ears.
We believe that music is one way to convey messages, especially messages with kindness. With confidence, we are trying to convey the message. Our songs like "Cinta Kok Ngerusak", "Percuma", "Bertengkar Bukan Jalan Keluar", "Uang", "Wanita Istimewa", "Jatuh Cinta", containing social and moral message that we hope can change one's perception of something that is negative, be positive. Because we have confidence that the submission of messages delivered through music is one way of delivering the message that easily fit into one's subconscious.

The Players

Vocals & Guitar
Ginda Bestari
TTL: Jakarta, October 20, 1986
E-mail: ginda.bestari @ & ginda.bestari @
Favorite Musician: Jimi Hendrix
Personal Portfolio Ginda:
Session Guitar Player:

Pingkan Mambo, Album Wanita Terindah, Judul Lagu “Bila Masih Ada Kesempatan”, SonyBMG
Dirly, Album Menggapai Mimpi, Judul Lagu “Sampai Ke Ujung Dunia” & “Akhir Tak Seperti Awal”, SonyBMG
Randy Pangalila, Album Ost. Oh Baby , Judul “Lewat Semesta” & “Tanpamu Ku Tak Bisa”, SonyBMG
Aris Idol, Single Hits, Judul “1000x Maaf”, SonyBMG

Gega Gageh
TTL: Sukabumi, August 4, 1985
Favorite musician: Jaco Pastorius
Personal Portfolio Gega:
Session Bass Player:
Pingkan Mambo, Album Wanita Terindah, Judul Lagu “Bila Masih Ada Kesempatan”, SonyBMG

Ilman Adriana Sya'ban
TTL: Sukabumi, 27 April 1987
Favorite Musician: Travis Backer


  • Tuesday Blues, Bandung Blues Society, Bandung
  • Braga Festival, Bandung
  • Monday Blues Special, Ruang Putih, Bandung
  • Friday Night with Ginda & The White Flowers, Bandung

NOAH metamorphosed Peterpan

NOAH previous band called Peterpan formed in the city in 2000, with new personnel composition of this band will return spoil the friends all over the world. Who does not know the figure or Nazril Ariel Ilham, frontman vocalist who was born in 1981 it became the spirit of past successful band Peterpan Indonesia took the music world renowned all over the Asian region in particular.

Although cases of misconduct had tripped in the last year, now he is trying to release a career-looking back through the new album which he says will come in October 2012. Was delayed almost 2 years now album release at least gives a glimmer of hope for all of us desire, perhaps with a slightly different rhythm but it was not difficult for me to listen to take it again.

If those of you who do not know now was related to the bio-data of personnel NOAH Band, let us consider the following story.


  • Ariel (vocals, guitar)
  • Uki (guitar)

  • Lukman (guitar)
  • Reza (drums)
  • David (keyboards, piano)

Studio Album

  • Taman Langit (2003)
  • Bintang di Surga (2004)
  • Ost. Alexandria (2005)
  • Hari yang Cerah (2007)
  • Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita (2008)
  • Seperti Seharusnya (2012)

More Albums

  • Kisah 2002 Malam (Compilation, 2002)
  • Untuk Sahabat Peterpan (2005)
  • Suara Lainnya (Instrumental, 2012)


  • Separuh Aku (2012)